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CAERP Mentorships

Want to be a Resource for Someone New? Be a Mentor.

Photo of mentor and menteeThe California Association of Equal Rights Professionals (CAERP) instituted a Mentorship Program to help guide new members and generate active participation in the organization. As new people join CAERP, the Mentorship Coordinator, Linda Orozco, assigns mentors to each new member. The goal of this program is to maintain interest, enthusiasm, and support, not only for the organization, but for the cause of equal opportunity access and human rights. The mentors commit to their assigned member for one year and maintain contact on a quarterly basis if not more. Mentors keep new members informed of CAERP activities and are an available resource for various networking and training opportunities within the field of equal rights.

We are very proud of the success of our Mentorship Program. Over the past several years, this program has had a tremendous impact on CAERP. We are excited to see a considerable increase in member participation and a consistent increase in the number of new members. Our members are now sharing CAERP's vision with peers, management and other similar organizations. For additional information on the Mentorship Program, please contact Linda Orozco.